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2019 Annual Parking Studies: Belltown North | Belltown South

RapidRide J-Line

SDOT has big plans in the works for RapidRide J-Line. While the project will not be fully complete until 2025 or 2026, SDOT is currently accepting public comment addressed to

The RapidRide J-Line project will mainly impact Belltown by:

  • removing 43 parking spaces, 5 commercial load zones and 12 passenger load zones between Denny Way and 3rd Ave

  • converting one 'regular' eastbound vehicle lane on Virginia St. in the vicinity of 3rd through 5th Avenues to a BAT or transit-only lane

  • relocating an existing bust stop at 5th and Virginia

Please see these images provided by the RapidRide team and visit the SDOT website for more details.

1st & Denny / Broad Street Extension

From SDOT:

The 1st Ave and Broad St Complete Street Extension Project will build bicycle and pedestrian improvements connecting Belltown to the future Climate Pledge Arena and to the Uptown neighborhood, helping to fulfill the City's Bicycle Master Plan vision to make riding a bike an integral part of daily life in Seattle.

In coordination with the proposed opening of the Climate Pledge Arena in 2021, this project will construct two-way protected bike lanes along Broad St between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave, and along 1st Ave between Broad St and Denny Way. This project will connect the new Climate Pledge Arena with the existing protected bike lane along 2nd Ave, which will continue to provide additional access to the Seattle Center campus at 2nd Avenue and Denny Way. This project will also connect to the future 1st Ave N and Queen Anne Ave N protected bike lanes, partially completing the bike network between Belltown and Uptown neighborhoods.

3rd & Denny Signal Improvements

SDOT is making signal improvements that "will improve transit operation and accessibility from northbound 3rd Ave to westbound Denny Way. The following project description comes directly from the SDOT website:

  • Modifying signals at 1st Ave and Denny Way, 2nd Ave and Denny Way, and 3rd Ave and Broad St

  • Updating existing transit trolley poles and rewiring trolley lines

  • Modifying the triangular block between 3rd Ave, Broad St, and Denny Way

  • Install new signal at 3rd Ave and Denny Way

A large part of this project is reconstructing the triangular block between 3rd Ave, Broad St, and Denny Way. The new block of 3rd Ave between Broad St and Denny Way will become 2-way with northbound for transit only and southbound continues to serve general traffic. The new design will also include some changes to the curb line and a new transit only signal.

Changes in Uptown will impact how Belltown residents get to and from popular locations in our neighboring community using traditional vehicular transportation. Parking fees will change in Uptown to reflect significantly higher pricing during events with 10,000+ attendees (Questions? call 206-584-3443 or email Ruth Harper). These parking fee changes encourage alternate transportation and parking arrangements for people visiting Seattle Center due to the ramp up of Seattle Kraken hockey games and activation of Climate Pledge Arena as an event venue.

The map of curbspace changes shows bike lane connections between Uptown and Belltown. Please see the map below and its related presentation for additional detail on some specific changes to stop signs, signals and traffic changes. You may also like to review the Arena Access Management Plan (AAMP).