Rock the Block Live Music

Presented by Belltown Yacht Club


1:00pm - Robin Moxey

2:00pm - Bexley

3:00pm - Forest Ray

4:20pm - Left Hand Smoke

5:55pm - Pickerel and the Peyote 3

7:40pm - Sunlight Collective


The Law of Attraction. Mysterious, yet undeniable. A kind of magic. How else does one explain the union of three gifted musicians from far-flung locations and diverse influences? Seattle-born Amanda Hardy, finding her considerable voice and songwriting skills in the works of Alice in Chains and Chris Cornell. Canadian Steve Costello, accomplished blues/rock guitarist, inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age. And Tosh Peterson, SoCal drummer and Jaws fan, reaching fresh heights in the art form through supernatural focus and self-discipline, fast outgrowing his iconic influences.

Tip all this into the mix and what do you get? Grungy, melodic, distortion-driven rock with heartfelt lyrics and myriad vocal layers. Bexley. A uniquely original vibe.

Robin Moxey

Robin Moxey is a songwriter, singer and guitar player who wears many hats these days. A regular performer at the ol' Highway 99 Blues Club and a member of the Highway 99 Allstars, Robin has been evolving his talents to include documentary film making and being an Executive Producer with Playing For Change. Currently, PFC is working with the United Nations on a virtual musical event called “PEACE THROUGH MUSIC”. Santana, Robbie Roberson, Peter Gabriel, Sheila E and Ringo Starr have all lent their time and talent to the videos in the show.

In addition, Robin is a member of the Playing For Change Band that tours the world and includes members from 10 countries playing together as the living example that music unites us all.

Forest Ray

Forest Ray experiments in the analog and psychedelic, combining guitar driven psych rock with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, Americana, garage and organ-laden pop. Following in the footsteps of Pacific Northwest greats from The Sonics to The Kingsmen, Forest Ray brings a new spin to the classic garage lineup but with the same youthful punk spirit. The songs regularly feature flute and vibraphone which have become staples of the groups brand of psych. Their uninhibited performances and analog recording process have bred dark, nostalgic and intimate recordings that almost feel as if they’ve come from another era.

Their first two full length LPs, Musical Witchcraft and Laughing, were released to vinyl over 2016-18. They have recently toured the US and played SXSW 2019 in support of their 7” split record with Lasso Spells, released Spring 2019 on Nashville’s Cold Lunch Recordings label.

In the Fall of 2019, they released a new LP, Faded Reflection along with a collection of basement recorded analog tracks titled the “Wedgwood Tapes”. Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the group had also recorded their fourth studio album “Black Pine”, during the winter of 2019 to be released in the fall of 2020. The album, which is an homage to lost loved ones, includes an array of twangy psychedelia, Americana influences and starkly mature compositions. Black Pine borrows its name from the english translation of “Crnbor”, the autochthonous trees of the Croatian coastal region, Dalmatia, where songwriter Peter Sumic’s family immigrated from, which served as a source of nostalgia and inspiration in the album’s songwriting process.

Left Hand Smoke

Left Hand Smoke is a Seattle based band playing their own original music in the grand tradition of rock and roll. The northwest has benefitted from their great song writing and high energy shows for over 20 years. They have opened for bands like Maroon 5 and The Spin Doctors and many more. This is roots pop American music at its best!

Pickerel and the Peyote 3

A rockin' Americana outfit featuring Seattle icon, Mark Pickerel, as well as rock royalty Jeff Fielder, Drew Church, and Mike Musburger—whose combined pedigree include The Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, The Tripwires Fastbacks, Posies, Amy Ray, Mark Lanegan Band, and The Intelligence.

Their latest scorcher of a release I Have Visions (June ’21) landed them at #1 on KEXP's Americana chart and cracked into their top 40.

A band from a bygone era when electric guitars and drums still thrilled and astonished the masses, the musical chemistry of The Peyote 3 creates a hypnotic soundscape, a perfect place for Pickerel to cast shadows of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, and Lou Reed. Jeff Fielder's other-worldly guitar solos leave stages smoldering long after his departure.

Performing with the urgency of The Clash, the timelessness of The Doors, and the class of Chris Isaak, Pickerel and the Peyote 3 will leave an impression.

Storytelling is a prominent part of this uniquely intimate concert series. Pickerel’s prolific and well-traveled career, combined with his highly perceptive and engaging dry wit, will make this show unlike others we’ve seen. Even if you’ve seen Mark in concert before, you haven’t seen him like this. Folks, this is going to be one for the ages.

Sunlight Collective

Driven by longtime Heart drummer, Ben Smith, Sunlight Collective is a group composed of various Seattle iconic rock & roll musicians. This time around the group will feature Jeff Rouse (Loaded & The Gemini Affair) on Bass and vocals, Ryan Waters (Roadcase Royale), on guitar and vocals and the great Kathy Moore (Kathy Moore Power Trio), on guitar and vocals.