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Waterfront Seattle

The Waterfront Seattle project is well underway and signs of progress are abundant, especially including the connection between Alaskan Way, Elliott and Western Avenues. This new construction will elevate and reunite the flow of traffic without the interruption of trains.

View the detailed project site plan and learn more about timelines by visiting Please contact with any questions and concerns.

Small Lot Development in Belltown

New legislation would make it easier to develop housing on small lots in the DMR zones of Belltown. From Brennon Staley: Specifically, the legislation would allow simpler building shapes that are more appropriate for development on small lots. The proposed changes will be helpful for any new construction, but may be especially helpful for innovative construction approaches like panelized and modular construction. The legislation does not increase height or maximum floor area. Proposal Overview

Belltown Small Lot Modeling Diagrams

Small Lot Modeling Diagrams

Council Public Hearing on Belltown Small Lot legislation Scheduled for September 22 @ 9:30am

Initial discussions occurred in late 2019, with an updated proposal in February 2020 when priorities suddenly shifted due to the pandemic. A final proposal summary was released in April 2021. The Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee considered this legislation on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 (see video).

View the project page and feel free to contact Brennon Staley with questions and concerns.

Belltown Multi-Family Residential Construction

Multi-Family Residential Construction

View our residential page to learn more about construction of multi-family residential properties.