Belltown United Project VIGILANT connects key representatives from the Belltown community to facilitate reporting concerns related to crime and to identify solutions for our vulnerable population including those who need shelter and services.   Using a simple email listserv, our business, property and residential community are working together to increase awareness and help coordinate appropriate resources and responses from the City, County and service provider organizations.  Participating entities include the office of CM Andrew Lewis, JustCARE, LEAD, Parks, REACH, SPD, DSA/MID, and concerned businesses and residential communities.  Learn more about service organizations and homelessness in Seattle and King County.

Project VIGILANT's initial focus is the Bell Street Park corridor, but as activity from Bell Street Park may spill over into other areas of Belltown, key information may be reported from time to time, especially related to "organized" criminal activity and shelter and services needs.

If you see something, say something!  You can anonymously report using the form linked below.  All submissions are summarized into a single daily email digest for members.

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