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Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Art & creative content

  • Digital copy including neighborhood related news

  • Grant-related activities

  • Language / translation assistance

  • Litter picks / Adopt-A-Street

  • Facilitating communication with businesses

  • Facilitating communication within residential communities

  • Neighborhood advocacy

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Belltown United Listserv Information

Our listserv is intended to provide an opportunity for everyone to constructively engage about Belltown-related topics.

Member messages are NOT moderated prior to posting. Always use common sense and be respectful of others.

Listserv guidelines will undergo revision in response to community feedback and use of the service.


  • Aggressively instigating unproductive interactions

  • Bullying, harassment, insults, name-calling and any ad-hominem attacks

  • CAPS and/or symbols used to disrupt and/or distort a discussion

  • Commercial advertisements

  • Cruel and insensitive language likely to cause emotional, physical and/or psychological harm

  • Graphic and/or violent depictions

  • Hate speech, credible threats, racism, misogyny, ableism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia.

  • Impersonating others

  • Incitement of violence

  • Information you know to be false and/or misleading, including the dissemination of false news and perpetuation of conspiracy theories

  • Profanity and slurs in any form

  • Schemes intended to deceive and/or defraud

  • Solicitations for criminal activity and/or illegal substances

  • Spam (abusing this electronic system to artificially increase viewership such as posting the same or significantly similar content repeatedly within 7 days and/or repeatedly distributing content for commercial and/or personal gain)

    1. Correcting factual and/or grammatical error(s) in your posted content is not considered spam

  • Suicide and self-injury

  • Topics and/or images of a sexually explicit nature

  • Violations of privacy

Belltown United maintains sole discretion to moderate, suspend or ban anyone whose actions and/or speech are determined detrimental to the purpose of this forum.